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How to get your Exemption...

...don't worry if you have already tried and been denied an exemption.
The process is simple and straight forward.

Your only obligation is a written request. 


For students under 18, simply have a parent or guardian write a letter to the Director Of Education at your schools governing Catholic Board requesting the exemption under Section 42 (13) of the Education Act.  

Click here for a sample letter
   Click here to find your local 
  Ontario Catholic School Board


YES!  that is all you have to do!
...don't forget to check your MPAC status...



When can I make my request for exemption?

The best time to request is before the start of the year or semester.  The earlier you can the better because you may have to educate them on this law and fight for your Exemption right. 

Who do I send the letter to?

You only have to send it to the head of the Board, which is the Director of Education.  Prepare to be ignored or denied immediately.  You may be sent to your Principal or Guidance Department. They do not have the power to provide you the Exemption and will only try to keep you from pursuing the Exemption request.

Can I transfer from another school and request an Exemption?

Any student is permitted into a school if boundary rules permit it.  The Exemption is intended to support any person's request for dismissal from Religious programs or courses of study.

I'm Catholic, can I get the Exemption?

Yes, there is no restriction to the religious status of any application.   It helps to change your MPAC designation as "Public School Supporter".  This doesn't change ability to attend the school or impact funding.  Visit "what to expect" for more information.

Can I still participate in religious activities?

This process provides you the right to choose the religion classes and programs instead of mandating them.

Is there any reason they can make me take religion classes?

The only restriction is if the parent or guardian won't request the exemption for someone under 18.  Otherwise, the Board has no choice but to obey the law. 

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